Nick Clegg: Abolish the House of Lords

Finally the dam has ­broken, and everyone is talking about changing Britain’s political system. For decades reformers have been thwarted by Westminster inertia. But the MPs’ expenses ­scandal has overturned old certainties and made change possible.

This moment must be seized by all who want a different kind of politics. Warm words, rhetoric and consideration are not enough; indeed, they are a ­guarantee that little will happen. So let us bar the gates of Westminster and stop MPs leaving for their summer holidays until this crisis has been sorted out, and every nook and cranny of our political system has been reformed.

Today I’m setting out a plan of action to get all the changes we need delivered in just 100 days – making it possible for MPs to be sacked by constituents, abolishing the House of Lords, getting corrupt money out of politics and changing the electoral system to give everyone a voice. People will say it isn’t possible – parliament can’t act that quickly. I say the innate conservatism that marks out our political establishment is part of the problem. Let’s stop all this self-congratulatory hype about the mother of parliaments and get on with improving it.

Momentum will ebb away unless we act quickly. Delay would be a victory for those who want to confine change to the bare minimum – the two establishment parties who will talk up reform long enough for the storm to pass, then kick it into the long grass for good.

David Cameron’s proposals set out in the Guardian on Tuesday were a masterful example of well-judged rhetoric free of substance and conviction. Open-source software, new select committee chairs and legislative text messages will not rescue British democracy. they are designed, I fear, to provide verbal cover for maintaining the status quo.

Real political change is about taking power from those who have hoarded it for themselves, and distributing it to others. So change will only be ­possible if the vested interests that have ­benefited from the way things are accept that they can no longer ­preside over an institutional stitch-up. For ­generations the Labour and Conservative parties have ­colluded to keep out ­competition. they are like a corporate duopoly, ­setting the rules of the game to maintain ­dominance. And just like in economics, it’s ordinary people who suffer: taken for granted, and deprived of the ­ability to make different choices to those imposed upon them.

That is why what Cameron did not say is more revealing than what he did. no mention of the murky business of party funding. no mention of the scandal of an unelected second chamber. the rejection of any change to an electoral system that hands power to governments on a fraction of the vote. without these changes, British politics will continue to be a game of pass the parcel between two old parties, while the rest of the country switches off,

So instead of long-term consideration of the possibility of tinkering, let us have 100 days of real action: swift, decisive and confident. it really is possible. the details of a reformed system of party funding have already been thrashed out between the parties, months ago. Sir Hayden Phillips secured outline agreement to ban donations of more than £50,000, limit spending to £100m over a parliament and shake up union contributions. the reason it wasn’t adopted was because the Conservatives walked out, keen to protect donations from tax exiles such as Lord Ashcroft. But there is no reason not to return to what was all but agreed, and enforce it. the political parties and elections bill, now before parliament, could be amended and adopted within weeks.

Similarly, on House of Lords reform, the principles of a fully elected chamber have already been exhaustively debated and adopted by MPs. As in any bicameral system, peers should be elected on a different constituency basis and electoral cycle to MPs. Details could be decided on and introduced in the constitutional renewal bill being promoted in the House of Lords by Paul Tyler.

And then there’s electoral reform. the ideal solution would be an Irish-style single transferable vote system in which voters elect the person, not the party. But even alternative vote plus – as first advocated by Roy Jenkins in 1998 and now backed by Alan Johnson – would ensure most MPs have a personal constituency link with their voters, as already occurs in Germany and Scotland. Labour made a promise more than a decade ago to hold a referendum on the Jenkins proposals. if the government won’t call a general election, let us have this referendum in early September, as the culmination of 100 days of reform.

Together, over the next 100 days, we could achieve nothing less than the total reinvention of British politics. These months could become a great moment in British political history, rather than a shabby footnote to a shameful month of scandal. Let us seize, not squander, the opportunity for change.

Nick Clegg: Abolish the House of Lords

Job interview at Papa Murphys?

I have a job interview for Papa Murphys pizza tomorrow and I am just wondering what questions I should ask the interviewer. Also, what outfit is appropriate to wear? I was considering black skinny jeans with a low heeled black boot and a white dressy T shirt. I have never been on an interview before so any advice would be helpful, especially if you work at Papa Murphys. thank you!

Job interview at Papa Murphys?

Crowdsourcing Soccer in the U.K

Editor’s Note: This story is reprinted from Assignment Zero, an experiment in open-source, pro-am journalism produced in collaboration with Wired News. This week, we’re republishing a selection of Assignment zero stories on the topic of “crowdsourcing.” All in all, Assignment zero produced 80 stories, essays and interviews about crowdsourcing; we’re reprinting 12 of the best. The stories appear here exactly as Assignment zero produced them. they have not been edited for facts or style.

This is an interview with William Brooks. He is 36 years old, a passionate Fulham fan and started MyFootballClub. The project is about finding 50,000 people interested in running a soccer club — crowdsourced style. for detailed information you can look at Springwise and this article in The Times. you can also look at Digg for a discussion about what it is for and what chances the concept may have. William Brooks worked as a writer for a football fanzine and currently as an advertising copywriter.

Note: We will refer to “soccer” as “football” in the interview, as this is the common word in Europe.

Johannes Kuhn: how did you come up with the idea for

William Brooks: It’s been crystallizing in my mind over a few years. I support Fulham FC, and there were times when the club did not have much money. when I was a kid, I saw the fans and thought, what if 4,000 or 5,000 of these people each put in £1000 — we would have £5m and could save the club. MyFootballClub uses this theory, but on a more affordable scale.

Q: Can you say something about your personal background?

A: I started a football fanzine, and I then wrote for BBC Match of the Day magazine for 5 years. I now work as a writer in the advertising industry. Football has always been my passion, but now I’ve added what I’ve learned in marketing. is the result.

Q: how is the project going right now?

A: right now (May 21st) we have 25,500 people registered. 75 percent of these from the UK, and many from Germany, Scandinavia, Argentinia, Canada, USA and Spain. it has been live since the end of April, so we are very happy with progress. Fans are also discussing it on the net — the majority are really excited, others don’t think it’s possible.

Q: as far as not using fans as a source of money, but also as deciders: Why do you think this will work?

A: This is something else I observed in my time going to football matches. when the home crowd has been demanding a change for three or four months, eventually the coach will agree. often it will turn out to be the correct decision. I think people running professional football underestimate the knowledge of football fans. The “wisdom of crowds” theory suggests that many informed people can reach correct decisions, sometimes better than an individual can. The irony is, if the fans decide who plays and who is bought, the coach can blame failure on the fans!

Q: Is this a way of criticizing what is happening with the English football right now — investors and oligarchs rushing in to use it to make money or as their private playground?

A: no, I think there are many good club owners who care about their fans. it is not a backlash on the way football is going, but an interesting alternative and an attempt to see what fan power can really achieve.

Q: Why do you think now is the time?

A: I think the Internet provides the perfect environment for this, a place for fans to pool their knowledge, passion and finance. but we know when you try something new, you cannot ask for too much money. £35 is less than an average premiership ticket, or a computer game. £7.50 from each member will go into the building, maintaining and enhancing the website. with 50,000 people online, this will be a huge site — we hope the most interactive and reactive football site ever. We expect to hire eight people to work on full time.

Crowdsourcing Soccer in the U.K

Lexiophiles TGIF Selection – Lexiophiles

Thank God It’s Friday! Grab a cup of coffee, take a break from work and relax while enjoying this cool stuff we found on the Internet this week. And remember, if you stumble upon something interesting or have any suggestions send them to lexiophiles[at]bab[dot]la or send us a tweet @babla with the hashtag #TGIF.

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A Treatise on Pleasure (The Donnybrook Writing Academy)

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Sacramento Poetry Center: Earth Day 2010 – a busy day of poetry

April 22, 2010 was not only Earth Day, but judging from the events in the area, it was also Poetry Day. CSUS featured at least three poetry events: way cool Daddy-O Earth Day Reading, which I was pleased to host (more on this event below); Andrea Gibson – a spoken word poet and activist (, whose reading I attended; and a poetry slam hosted by a campus fraternal organization. FlatmanCrooked was in Davis, and BL Kennedy hosted his last event at Luna’s. I am sure that there were more events that day.

Photo is Bill Gainer in the foreground, ESO students in the tie-dye. in the background are Martha Ann Black, NSAA, JoAnn Anglin, and Robert Grossklaus. See the rest of the Earth Day Photos at the SPC Facebook Page.

The way cool Daddy-O Earth Day Reading was suggested by Jasmine Greer of the Environmental Students Organization at CSUS. I was pleased to coordinate and host this event that featured some of the area’s finest poets writing environmental poetry (apologies to those who did not read, but we’re looking at another event for next year). in order of appearance, they were: Robert Grossklaus, Martha Ann Blackman, Bill Gainer, JoAnn Anglin, NSAA, Alexa Mergen, and Bob Stanley. this event was enjoyed by all and had a large group of students throughout the 3 hours.

It turns out that the Buzz did not have any sound system or microphone, but Bob Stanley came to rescue and borrowed the system from SPC. While waiting for Bob, Jasmine read a piece by Martin Luther King, Jr, I read a short fable piece from the introduction to Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, and Laurel played guitar and sang. the party really got going, though, when the microphone arrived.

Robert read first because he had to get to Luna’s where he was hosting the huge open mic list (more on that later), and he was quite the starter. I think the most interesting part might have been when Bill took the stage. for those of you who’ve heard Bill read and have seen him live, you’ll know what I mean. it turns out that Jasmine’s dad listens to Bill on the radio, so Bill said (I’m paraphrasing here), “Your dad must be the age of my son.” Jasmine told Bill that her dad was 68 (or thereabouts). well, Bill teased her about being a love child. Yep, he did. She was great about it, too. So were the ESO students at the table Bill decided to pull into the reading, also. it was great fun.

Martha Ann reminded us about Rancho Seco, although I’m not sure the students knew about it. JoAnn and Alexa were nice complements on either side of NSAA, who read “North Pole Jihad,” because their poetry was quite similar. Bob finished the reading with poems from others and some of his own. Sandy Thomas showed up midway through the event, and she read a poem, “Ocean” after Bob.

Most of the poets (and this host) wanted the t-shirts that Jasmine and her group were sporting that night. Great tie-dye colors and designs.

In between, I had Laurel return to the stage to play and sing with a microphone. we could all hear her much better.

I was pleased to have been able to work with each of these poets and with Jasmine. it was a wonderful event, even if we had some snafus at the outset. I look forward to coordinating more readings on the CSUS campus and in the community and hopefully work with Jasmine.

Andrea Gibson’s performance was quite different from the previous event, but it was a nice transition between the coffee house and Luna’s, another coffee house. Andrea took the stage, and the piece I recall was about her time as a preschool teacher and the children who asked her if she was a boy or a girl. She didn’t answer that question, and they’d soon be more interested in swinging.

I finally reached Luna’s around 9 or so. Standing room only. BL was reading when I arrived, and I saw Bob Stanley, Bill Gainer, Robert Grossklaus, and Martha Ann Blackman, who’d gone there straight from CSUS. the open mic list was quite long, but some people left before their names were announced. Josh Fernandez read this piece using BL throughout. the B and the L beginning different words. Bob Stanley played his banjo and sang. Terryl Wheat (who’ll be reading at Hot Poetry in the Park in May) read a short piece about hugging a tree. There were too many poets for me to recall everyone who took the stage and read. the last open mic person finished at about 12:15 a.m.

I did not, sadly, make it across to Davis. a person can only be in so many places on one evening.

There’s poetry everywhere. Just look.

Sacramento Poetry Center: Earth Day 2010 – a busy day of poetry

Gwen Araujo True Story Guide,Details And Reviews Hot And Exclusive

Araujo, who was going by the name “Lida” at the time,met Michael Magidson, Jose Merel, Jaron Nabors, and Jason Cazares in the summer of 2002.She was reported to have engaged in oral s…. with Magidson and anal s…. with Merel.She claimed to be menstruating and during s…. would push her partners’ hands away from her genitalia to prevent them from discovering that she was physically male On October 3, 2002, she attended a party at a house rented by Merel and his brother, Paul Merel also in attendance at the party were Magidson, Jose Merel, Nabors, Cazares, Paul Merel, Paul Merel’s girlfriend Nicole Brown, and Emmanual Merel.

Gwen Araujo, an American teenage trans woman, was murdered in Newark, California, in October 2002 She was killed by four men, two of whom she had been s….. intimate with, who beat and strangled her after discovering she was transs….. Two of the defendants were convicted of second-degree murder but not convicted on the requested hate crime enhancements. the other two defendants pleaded guilty or no contest to voluntary manslaughter. In at least one of the trials, a trans panic defense – an extension of the gay panic defense – was employed.

The crime received widespread national and international attention and prompted some authors to write about the bearing of homophobia and transphobia on Araujo’s murder, along with questioning whether transgender people were being represented fairly and accurately in both mass media and the criminal justice.Reaction to the case was an impetus for law reform movements in several states.the events, including both criminal trials, have been portrayed in a TV movie, A Girl like me: the Gwen Araujo story.the murder was regularly compared to the Matthew Shepard case and was a rallying cause for the transgender and ultimately the larger LGBT communities.

Alameda County Sheriff’s Office dispatched four crime scene investigators and two detectives to recovered the body at the grave site. the four accused of the murder were: Michael Magidson, 22; Jaron Nabors, 19; José Merél, 22; and Paul Merel, Jose’s older brother. Paul Merel was quickly released because his girlfriend came forward to the police telling them that Paul had left that night with her. Paul Merel and his girlfriend were never charged and became witnesses for the prosecution. Jason Cazares was arrested over a month after the other defendants, and only after Nabors implicated Cazares in a letter to Nabors’ girlfriend, explaining how he (Nabors) wasn’t involved in the killing.[citation needed] Nabors later testified against the other three in a deal with the DA for a lesser charge of manslaughter and an 11-year prison sentence after police monitored a telephone conversation between Nabors and his girlfriend, Delores Ojeda.

At the party on October 3, 2002 she was discovered, by forced inspection (conducted by Brown that she had male genitalia, following which the men with whom she had had sexual relations became extremely agitated. Magidson put her in a chokehold.later, he punched her in the face and began to choke her, but was pulled off by others at some point after that, Paul Merel, Emmanuel Merel, and Brown left the apartment Jose Merel struck her in the head with a can of food and a frying pan and Cazares left in Magidson’s truck to go to Cazares’s house to get shovels and a pickax

Gwen Araujo true story Guide,Details And Reviews Hot And Exclusive

[Linux] Pide tus discos de Ubuntu 10.04

Como lo hacen con cada versión nueva de Ubuntu, ya se abrió el Shipit para que cualquiera pueda pedir sus copias de Ubuntu 10.04 de manera totalmente gratuita a sus casas. El tiempo que demora en llegar el pedido es de hasta 10 semanas, unos dos meses y medio, así que ármense de paciencia.

Obviamente esto es para personas que están muy alejadas de conexiones de banda ancha, aunque mucha gente lo pide con tal de pedir algo y que les llegue a sus casa, sean sinceros, ¿O me equivoco?.

Actualización: Primero el sitio daba error en el servidor, ahora parece que cerraron directamente el shipit. Dicen que van a volver en unos días. No creo que sean muchos días porque el lanzamiento oficial es casi en dos semanas.

Link: Shipit Ubuntu

FUNTE: Techie Buzz

[Linux] Pide tus discos de Ubuntu 10.04

gloria velez what do spanish women think of her representing them?

she is pretty but crazy. she doesnt have any class but i hear on interviews she is representing the spanish people. what do spanish females think of gloria velez? i know majority of spanish women love chasing rappers, being video vixens, but where are the educated ones?

gloria velez what do spanish women think of her representing them?

Scott's Classic Comics Corner: Dell's 'Little 5' War Books

Scott’s Classic Comics Corner: Dell’s ‘Little 5′ War Books

DC’s ‘Big 5′ war books are legendary. Somewhat less well known are the war books published by Dell in the 1960s. While none of Dell’s little 5 series had much staying power, they should prove to be of interest to fans of the genre, so let’s take a look:

Combat is really the big Daddy of the Dell war books. While most of the stories focus on World War two, it also features some shorter tales of ancient battles. This series features some fantastic painted covers, many by the great George Wilson. the fourth issue (reprinted in the thirtieth issue) features a 27-page adaptation of JFK’s PT-109 adventures. the bulk of the art for the series was provided by Sam Glanzman, who was the Dell equivalent to Joe Kubert at this time. While the series lasted 40 issues, the final 13 were all reprints. it was finally cancelled in October of 1973, and was one of the last books put out by Dell. Good luck finding that one!

Air War Stories was launched in 1964 and ran quartlerly for eight issues. As the title suggests, its focus is on aerial battles from both World Wars. This one is really a Sam Glanzman tour de force, as I believe he provided all of the art for the series. I’ve only owned a couple of these (issues #4 and #7), but I can state that these books feature very entertaining stories, are relatively easy to track down and are a real bargain as compared to other Silver Age war books.

We move from the skies to the deep, dark jungle with Jungle War Stories. This series is of particular significance, as it features some of the earliest stories set in Vietnam. it ran for 11 issues, and continued for an additional 4 issues as . some good artists contributed to this series including Dick Giordano and George Tuska.

World War Stories was a very short-lived title, lasting only three issues. Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I believe this focused exclusively on World War One stories. Lots of Glanzman art here too, but at least one story was drawn by Frank Springer. WW1 buffs may enjoy this title, and issue #2 features a retelling of the Gallipoli story. the cover to the first issue was painted by Vic Prezio, a man responsible for many terrific painted covers in the 60s for Dell, Gold Key and Warren.

Finally, let’s take a look at Tales of the Green Beret, which was launched in 1967 and lasted 5 issues, although the final issue reprinted #1. it was, in essence, a spin-off of the Tales of the Green Berets (noticed the ‘s’) newspaper strip. Rather than reprint the newspaper strip, this was a licensed property and features new stories and art by Sam Glanzman.

I haven’t included any of the myriad of Film and TV adaptations Dell did for properties with a war theme. They covered a lot of ground during this period from everything to None but the Brave to Rat Patrol, but that’s an entry for another day.

For more comic book talk – stop by my blog: Seduction of the Indifferent


Wow, that Air War stories cover looks like it came straight from the pulps …

Nice feature Scott. I am particularly intrigued by that Jungle War stories series. and I must confess I had no idea Giordano did work for Dell in this time period.

I read some Sgt Fury as a youngster but beyond that, war books are a bit of a blind spot … so the big 5 DC war books you’re referring to are: Sgt Rock, GI Combat, Star Spangled War stories, Our Army at War and Our Fighting Forces? Just curious …

“The death march of Bataan was history’s most ghastly parade”. that might be the worst metaphor for a historical event I’ve ever seen…

b-dHe did some work here and there for Dell in the 60s, including an issue or two of Nukla and some of those Movie Classic books.

fit – you’ve got it almost correct. Sgt. Rock appeared in out Army at War back then (the title was later changed to Sgt. Rock). the only one you’re missing is All-American Men or War.

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Scott's Classic Comics Corner: Dell's 'little 5' War Books